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Welcome to Juliano Associates

Juliano Associates is a full-service consulting firm specializing in professional land surveying and civil engineering services, serving Connecticut clients since 1973. Our family-owned and operated business is comprised of a team of highly trained, well-respected civil engineers and land surveyors fully licensed to operate in the state of Connecticut. From our home office in the Yalesville section of Wallingford, Connecticut, we provide planning, civil engineering, and land survey solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors.


We specialize in consulting on municipal infrastructure projects including, but not limited to, the construction and planning of bridges, highways, wastewater collection facilities, flood / stormwater management systems, dams, water treatment and disposal systems, solid waste projects, and more.


Our firm handles commercial projects for industrial, retail, mixed-use, and recreational purposes. We are a full-service consulting firm, from planning and zoning to feasibility studies to construction management, surveying, document preparation, and more.


We take on residential projects throughout Connecticut’s diverse housing sector, assisting clients on both new builds and improvements to existing properties and neighborhoods. These projects include: initial planning, rezoning and permitting, surveying, and the design and management of stormwater and water resource facilities.

Our Mission

Regardless of the client or the project, Juliano Associates is an end-to-end consulting firm. Our services start with the initial planning and feasibility studies and run the gamut of the project through to the design and construction phases. We make compliance with local land use regulations a top priority on every project, regardless of whether it’s a simple site plan or a complex set of civil engineering drawings for a major project.

Our firm provides services to residential and commercial property owners, numerous municipalities, state agencies, construction companies, and utility providers throughout the State of Connecticut.